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Supreme Court dismisses appeal. Lend Lease wins – for now.

September 19, 2013

Orrong Groupies, Stonnington Council top brass and media attended this morning’s announcement. The wait was long but the finding was handed down in about five minutes. Bad news, travels fast. Here’s the media release (slightly edited) we wrote. BTW – look out for us on the TV and radio news bulletins. 

Orrong Group media release: Thursday September 19, 2003

Supreme Court decision further erodes objectors’ democratic planning rights.

re: Case – VCAT ruled that `the extent of resident opposition is irrelevant `.
Respondents – Stonnington Council V Lend Lease & Larkfield Pty Ltd
Project – 590 Orrong Road Armadale proposed development.

The Orrong Group is devastated at the Supreme Court decision delivered this morning. The finding supports the VCAT ruling that `the extent of resident opposition is irrelevant’ to their consideration of the merits of a development.

Based on this ruling the voices of the community will not have their collective concerns given due consideration in the planning process regarding inappropriate development in any neighbourhood, anywhere.

Stonnington Council, the responsible authority will have its planning powers diminished and residents input and support further eroded. 

The disastrous Supreme Court ruling, further compounded by grossly increased VCAT fees, will result in vastly reduced objections and community views not fully reflected in VCAT deliberations. The Stonnington community and all Victorians will experience increased inappropriate development with permanent deleterious impact on neighbourhood character and community cohesion.

Members of the Victorian Government directly involved in this matter should now act to deliver more than simple platitudes regarding respect for all communities’ democratic rights and views regarding how their neighbourhood will develop.

Orrong Group is now in its fourth year and will continue to fight the towers.  Orrong Group wishes to express its gratitude to City of Stonnington which decided to appeal VCAT’s decision and fight the towers.  

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